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Classical Gigs
  This weekend I performed the Brandenburg Concerto #3 with a string quartet. We played it at NYU Polytech in Brooklyn. This is the same school that helped develop things like the microwave oven, bio hazzard equipment, NASDAQ computers, space technology, etc. So why was I playing Bach at this school? Because for the past several years they have hired a string quartet to play during their orientation session.

We played mostly lighter music, like light classical (minuets, simple piano transcriptions) or Broadway show tunes, etc. And during that time I felt like I was just a background musician filling up the room with pleasant sound. But when we played the Bach I felt like I was demonstrating a great piece of technological genius. Yes, there are many people who can write a good melody, and there are those who can improvise interesting lines around a melody, there are those who can use rhythm in a way that makes you feel like you have to dance ... but then there are a handful of great geniuses who create works of such complexity and inspirational value that they stand as mankind's greatest acheivements along with space travel and the like. Indeed, on that rocket ship that was sent out into deep space a few years back they included a recording of the music of Bach. (They also included some music by the Beatles, which I always found a little questionable, but maybe they thought that whatever civilization finally finds the spacecraft may be into rock! Who knows?)
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 20.10.2008
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