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Fugue Appreciation Day!
  Fugues are music at the highest level. Bach, or course, is the great master. He wrote dozens if not hundreds of fugues. I thought it was very fitting that when he died he was in the middle of writing yet another fugue. In his "Art of the Fugue" there is a piece that he was writing and never finished because he died. One of his students wrote on the score "And here is where the master laid down his pen for the last time". (That may not be an exact quote but it was something like that.) Someone finished the fugue, I forget who, but often people play the piece and stop right where Bach stopped writing. It is so weird to hear this complex fugue just stop, especially when you realize that that is the exact moment when Bach stopped composing!

Franz Joseph Haydn lived into his 80's. He is one of the rare great masters who stopped composing and spent the last years of his life editing his music and making sure it was all neatly compiled. That also makes sense, that the father of the symphony and the string quartet woulld neatly tie up his musical contribution and leave the world in an orderly fashion.

But how else could Bach leave this world, except in the middle of a fugue!
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 17.10.2008
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