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It's All Good
  My love of classical did not replace my love of rock either. I was also drawn more to the baroque, probably because it had a beat, which makes it closer to rock than, say, romantic music ... not to mention "modern". (I put modern in quotes because so called modern music is now many decades old; some being almost 100 years old. They now talk about post-modern but that always srikes me as a weird phrase. Isn't the definition of "modern" contemporary, i.e. what's going on now? Or was "modern" a phase that coincided with double door refridgerators, hi-fi stereo equipment, and wing-tailed Cadilacs?"

I find that some classical music has such a strong "groove" that it can be said to rock. There is some Beethoven that is definitely in this category. There is also rock that sounds pretty classical when you think about it. Like some of those heavy metal ballads. They are really romantic era-type melodies set to a strong beat. They owe at least as much to the European tradition as they do to the Afro-American one if not more. So, it's all good. And the more you know about th music, the more you realize that rock and classical are not as different as people think.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 16.10.2008
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