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Hanging out
  Steve, I saw your site and it really looks slick. I may update this site eventually. I don't think for what I'm doing that it will translate into a big increase in sales. I think it is very hard to sell CDs these days and its likely to get harder since most young people are downloading music. My CDs are on many download sites and I get a percentage from them (or at least I'm supposed to trust them that are sending the correct amounts). So I think of this site at this point as more of an an elaborate article in an Encyclopedia called the Internet. My favorite part is the guestbook. It has become an international digital street corner where people can hang out and post when they want to or just read the posts when they don't.

TJ, thanks for that link! I didn't know you were into classical music these days. True, there is nothing like Bach and that performance was interesting. I liked the way the whole group stood (except for that trumpet player, which was weird). It was like the orchestra was standing but the soloist was sitting. Definitely a unique way to do it. I wonder why they did it that way. Maybe he is disabled. Or maybe he just plays better on that strange valve trumpet sitting. Then again, maybe he just can't stand it! Get it? "Stand" it ...

Hey, with the stock market crashing and unemployment rising and dire predictions about the end of the world as we know it, at least we can still laugh!
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 10.10.2008
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