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Are you frum, my good fellow?
  A Cotswold Village, Or, Country Life and Pursuits in Gloucestershire By Joseph Arthur Gibbs

p. 163 - Peregrine's Quaint Expressions.

"If you ask Tom Pergrine why these things are so, he will only tell you that after a few gales the 'springs be frum.' The word 'frum', the derivation of which is Anglo-Saxon, 'fram', or 'from' = strong, flourishing, is the local expression for the burstings of the springs."

Now isn't that interesting! I bet the Orthodox Jews who say, "Are you frum?" have no idea this word is derived from the Anglo-Saxons. Unless, of course, it is also derived from Hebrew or something else.

I always find history most fascinating.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 30.09.2008
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