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Conductors II
  I didnot know about this BBC thing, more info here , unfortunately all the vid's up on their website are forbidden ground for us living outside the UK.

All candidates start from scratch in this field. I think I admire Sue Perkins for having guts, for quickly learning to improve, concentration, for taking risks. See also her Firebird part

But now serious. Totally agree with what you say about the best conductors, and the rest of these last phrases!
Probably conductors often forget the real meaning of the word conductor: an electric conductor isn't the boss either - it just well ... merely conducts electricity!

I think anyway most conductors learn that (humbleness, not standing in the way, letting go) only later on, not right away. Conducting always has this notion of being the boss, being in control. Whereas the best examples of conducting I remember were where conductors hardly made any gesture (Roshdestvensky is one of my favourite conductors) or just let e.g. the soloist be guided/followed (whatever is applicable depending on the piece) by say, a wind player. I vividly remember the solo French horn in a certain passage in the Shostakovitch Cello concerto, with conductor Yakov Kreizberg completely motionless, letting it all up to him and the solo cellist (they are the only instruments that play there). The cellist of course cannot see the horn player, had to fully trust him and when that works, it's marvellous. That's what music is about! I loved the conductor taking that risk. Hey, but that's not what you can expect from someone who's just venturing out in the field of conducting.
  Author: LN_Cello
Eintrag from 20.09.2008
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