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so shall seek your ity
  here in spain theyve alredy begun the mccain has won talk
as well as the america has lost its economoc power .
they say here social security willl lower payments then stop payments in 20 yrs

its the only way to payoff the debt that now exists due to the CRACK of 08
worse than the crack befor the depression a century ago. that means wen you are 70 your ss money might go byebye

are u ready?

imagine if it were true
soc security says that it will stop in 2028..
young workers dont giv an f and under 40s can save in time but the 50 and over?
they or we are dead..
unless of course a us pres invades an oil rich country to taqkover its oil..or olive oil??
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 19.09.2008
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