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The McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden variety review!
  Canarsie wrote:

so sarah palin is helpin mccain
obama is goin down in the reports"

What do you mean here? Are you reffering to one of those pre-election polls where the majority of the country says who they would vote for if the election were today or tommorrow?
Did you see apoll where the majority of the country said they would vote for McCain/Palin?

I recently saw an interview with Palin on ABC news and ?I thought she did ok with it. Throught that interview I definately found out about her acheivemments as Gov. of Alaska, but I'm not sure how effective she'd be in washington, especially if presented with the task of becomming presiodent if anything should happen to McCain. Right now Obama/Biden will be on my ballot in November, but if McCain does win the election, the country won't be hurting too much - I've always liked McCain despite his views on Iraq. With McCain in the House I think America's effort sint he war would be a little more thought out then they are right now in the bush administraiton for the fact that McCain's been there; he's served his country in battle and Bush has not. Now if McCain could only see that Iraq is not America's war, and that we should be in either Afganistan, or more likely Pakistan....those places are where Bin Laden is likely to be has his terrorist cell which planned and executed the 9/11 attack, not Saddam and his cronies. Let's get the troops out of Iraq and where they belong. Of course, Afganistan and Pakistan wouldn't be home for our brave soldiers, but at least thse new campagnes would be purposefull. Operation Iraqui Freedom to me is like lite beer:

Yes, it's Iraqui Lite: all the war taste without all the plans and stragegy of wars that are more thought out. A smooth, crisp, violent bevergae brewed in the sands near the Tigris and Euphrates.

Saddam (or George W): "At the end of the day I like to kick back with a hot one; Iraqui Lite is the only war I'll drink".
  Author: eaburke81 Email eaburke81
Eintrag from 15.09.2008
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