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Sad Summer's End
  Isn't it always somehow sad when the summer comes to and end? I find the end of every season a little sad. The fall has the best ending. It goes down in a blaze of color. Summer, on the other hand, just kind of fades slowly away. Then, BOOM, September comes and all hell breaks loose. It pretty much goes that way until Christmas time. Then things mellow out for the deep winter freeze.

When I was in my teens and twenties we would pull all-nighters. There was no Denny's in New York City but we used to go to places like the 24 hour Kiev Diner in downtown Manhattan. You'd go there with about ten friends at four in the morning only to find the place packed with other groups of ten friends. I would say, "Those were the days", but they weren't the days. They were just another stage in life. Best we can do is adapt to each stage and enjoy it while it lasts.

Maybe that's the sadness I feel at summer's end. I tried to enjoy the summer as much as I could (considering all the things that got in the way) and as much as I would like to hold it back on a string, it still manages to slip away. It's like the pull of the ocean, there is no way to stop it. We are just travelers in this strange world of ours. Just passing through...
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 01.09.2008
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