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Oy, my aching head!
  How did I spend the last weekend of the summer? Well, I decided not to sleep last night into early morning. I've spent the weekend with my friend from college and her friends from rural Vermont, now living in Essex. Friday night we went to a bar in Essex to celebrate a friend's birthday party. I got drunk -the most drunk I've ever been in awhile. Luckily I got to sleep on Friday night. From that point on I made the vow never to go to a bar again - realized I really don't like the atmosphere, nor the noise, nor the people who frequent late-night revelry locations.

Saturday I got to sleep in late, thank god, but I had a wicked hang-over. Saturday night I found myself with the same friends again, but I had a much better time with them then I had the previous night. We went for a late dinner to TGI Fridays - ate the best salmon and rice I've ever had, and then went back to their house in Essex for a little game called "Beirut", or "beer pong" involves cups of beer in a triangle formation on either sides of a table, and two teams of two, who have each have ping pong balls you try to throw into your opponent's cups.
Well, this was fun...much better then a bar since I could hear myself talk with my friends while we were playing the game. Turned out we stayed up untill 3 in the morning playing beer pong. We then hit the road to Denny's for an early morning breakfast- say about around 5:30-6:00. I was then driven home and finally went to sleep. Now I'm up finally and it's almost Labor Day. Ahh, the life of a college grad! I'm going to have dinner with my bible study group tommorrow on labor day. Plus, I'm officially on vacation for work! a sorely-needed vacation let me tell you.

comming up on my radio show - my special "pre-talk like a pirate day" show on Sept. 12th, and a special show with accordion-playing theater director as guest. Not sure when that will be.

One more thing, my show is now year-round on Friday 5-8pm. I will never have to switch timeslots again!

Ahh the life of a guy who does lots of volunteer stuff but does not get paid for it!
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Eintrag from 31.08.2008
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