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Children of Different Abilities
  I have had some string students who had problems with certain functions. I'll never forget a viola student I had. She could read the notes... actually her reading was better than most, but she had no sense of rhythm. First she was in a group class and it was very hard not just on her but also the class. I was able to get her into a private lesson group and thank God for that.

At first I tried to just get her to clap along with a beat. She could not do it for the world. We spent a whole lesson on that. For the next several lessons we spent at least half the time on that and she was so pathetic that I wondered if I was just hurting her. Then one day all of a sudden she got closer to the beat. The next lesson she got even better. Eventually the wires connected and she could clap on the beat with ease!

A few more lessons and I got her to do two claps to a beat and other variations. I'd say within a few months she had learned how to play rhythms and she was able to go back to the group class. I don't know exactly what happened in her brain, but I am sure I made a difference in her life. And that felt good!

I would love to do a workshop on this but I don't consider myself an expert. All I can do is relate my experiences. I think it showed me that with patience and commitment most people can learn and improve their skills no matter what problems confront them.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 27.08.2008
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