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  Von Cello wrote:
"I have sometimes worked teaching music to children with various disabilities (if that's the word)".

My theater directer uses the phrase "people of all abilities", and I normally use that one too. I was born with slow physical and mental processing, and a non-verbal learning dissability in math (which also effected my performance in science classes), but all that means is that I am in-efficient in some area, but I exell in other areas of my life. I would have to say I'm blessed with my ability to walk and talk - activites which present some people born with differences with majr difficulty...I find it easy to speak clearly, though sometimes it takes me a while to put the exact phrases I have in my head into words, but when they do get out luckily those words can be understood and heard clearly by whomever I'm speaking with (though sometimes I do have a hard time putting sentences togtether logically...I guess that's part of my slow processing).

Aside from these things I was born with, I am a completely normal 26-year old who currently live alone, cooks for himself, cleans his own apartment, has a job, and pays his own expenses. I presently don't have the roomate, the car, or the girlfriend (I hope someday I'll find the right girl), all three of which would stereotypically go along with the college grad-type apartment, but for right now I'm happy with what I do have.
I am fortunate that working part-time allows me other time in my week to devote to the things I am intwerested in, such as radio broadcasting and my community theater group, the Awareness Theater Company, which works to bring dissability rights and issues to community at large. I perform along side of of other people whom were born with physical and mental differences, some of whom have cases more severe then mine, it is inspiring to see them work and thrive on the stage.

Now what specifiacally do you teach children with special needs, Aaron? Classical music appreciation? Cello demonstrations? Histroy of music? Would you ever be interested in leading a workshop up here? The Awareness Theater Company is sponsored by Vision, Strength, and Access Arts of Vermont, based out of Winooski, VT. (VSA for short). I have their number if you are ever interested.
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Eintrag from 27.08.2008
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