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Dancing Disabilities
  Thank you Edward for those thoughts. First of all, feel free to share any of your thoughts about disabilities. I have sometimes worked teaching music to children with various disabilities (if that's the word). At those times I have felt the power and importance of music as a tool for helping others.

As to the dancing as praise, there are places in the Bible where it talks about the Jewish people dancing. Even prophets danced. Of course it was not the twist or the monkey or the hustle! They did a spiritual kind of dance that was used as a way to lift the spirit toward God. There is a passage, I believe in Kings, where King David dances ecstatically before the Ark of the Lord as they were carrying it to, I believe, Jerusalem. He danced with total abandon and his wife became embarrassed and made some insulting comments about him losing his dignity. She was later corrected by a prophet, perhaps Nathan (as you can tell it's been a while since I read this part of the Bible) who told her that it is commanded to "praise the Lord", and what better way to praise him than with your whole body!

If anyone out there thinks I'm making this up, look this up in the Bible and feel free to post it here.

That is why at Jewish weddings Jews are so into dancing. Whereas in many other cultures the people sit and eat or stand and drink and that's about it. But vive la difference!
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 27.08.2008
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