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Words I did not know and now I do...
  Simcha, yeshiva, bialy, ringalevio, dancing as a form of praise...I'm learning so much on this guestbook. I don't think I would have ever heard these words and concepts before had I not met Von Cello, who not only shares his great music, but his great culture and Jewish faith, with the world. I only hope that I've been able to teach my freinds and family something about life as someone born with learning dissabilties...I guess we all act as teacher at some point in our lives; we all have different ways of looking at the world and I think teaching those ways to others leads to a decrease in ignorance. Ignorance is never good. Dancing, apparently is good. Luckily there are other ways of praying becuase I'm not too god a dancer. That's why I'm a drummer.
  Author: eaburke81 Email eaburke81
Eintrag from 27.08.2008
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