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Glad to be back!
  Hey Aaron, and LN Cello. Glad you liked my just all kind of came out suddenly during a slow Friday morning at work. I think too many people today don't speak up if something's bugging them; I certainly saw this during my college days. My fellow students did have alot that they did not agree with, but they did not do or say anything to change the system...all they did was "bitch", if you will, about their problems or their concerns. I think to do what I did in my previous post - intelligently question "the establishment" with reason - is pro-active in creating the type of society which will be a haven for people who are strong enough to stick up for themselves. Enough wining, it's time for action....that's how I feel about it, anyway. I guess I've always been a brutally honest person...even before my college years. Now how's this for brutal honesty?

"Hello, I'm not here right now. Really. I'm not home. Who knows where I am but I'm not here. I have not picked up my phone. You could leave me a message, but what's the point? Who knows when I'll be home again? Oh, one more thing....nothing is real. Mull that over while you leave your name and number at the beep, which may or not exist. Ok, bye". (BEEEEP)
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Eintrag from 23.08.2008
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