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Hi 'yall....and a rant!
  Hey guys - I've been away from the guestbook for a while but Von Cello's recent visit to my radio show (along with his stupendous performance on it) inspired me to come back. I have not had a chance to read any of the threads here, nor view any of the videos, but I will be sure to.
Instead, I wanted to start a new topic, more like a new rant: commercials. They've gotten really stupid these days...anyone with me here? McDonald's (with whom yours truly used to work with in his teen years) has a commercial for their big mac featuring ultra-hip, urban teens doing hip-hop-style dancing to an original song about the big mac ((onions-lettuce-pickles on a sesame-seed-bun") Ok, the song;'s kinda catchy, I'll admit, but the stupid part of the commercial is that here are these inner-city teens who obviously keep themselves fit by skateboarding and playing basketball, and they're eating big macs. The people I saw working at McDonald's in small-town Essex Junction, VT back in the late 90's were over-weight, sloppy, and probably on welfare. So I think what we have here is a dispensation, if that's the correct term, between what we see in the commercials and what really happens in the real world. Hypocrisy? False advertising? How about slapping those between two-sesame seed buns and calling it a McBottomLine? 'Cause, that's surely what McDonald's and and other companies are reaching for, right? Anything to pull in the gullible middle class and make a few McBucks.
That's a stupid TV commercial, but it's not just delegated to one genre, oh no....
This morning on the radio during a break from the Bob and Tom show, Wal-Mart had a commercial prompting people to buy their ice cream. The line at the end of the commercial was : "Because it wouldn't be summer without ice-cream, or Wal-Mart". Hmmm....last time I checked wasn't summer, and all the seasons, a result of the Earth's orbit? If all the Wal-Marts on the planet were to be blown-up as a result of terrorist bombing raids, would summer just cease to be, and spring goes right into Fall from here till the end of eternity? (Actually I wouldn't mind that so much).
And Wal-Mart ice cream? Has Middle America not stepped up to the creamy indulgence that is Ben and Jerry's? I have never tried ice cream from Wal-mart and I think I may have to just once to see what the fuss is about, but I mean, Jeez! When I think of Wal-Mart I think of marked-down school supplies and thrift-store quality jeans...frozen dessert is the last thing from my mind. "Hey kids, who wants ice cream? Let's got to the big box stores and buy it in bulk". Kids: "Yay"!
To me, summer means keeping cool on oppressively hot days (when it's both hot and humid), but also canoeing on the lake (which I did for the first time this summer and loved it), hanging out with our family friends and a few Labbat's Blues (that's Canadian beer) at their camp by the lake, and partaking of Vermont's answer to ice cream minus Ben and Jerry's: the cree-mee! (For those of you not born in Vermont: the cree-mee is like your soft-serve ice cream, only better. You can get cree-mees here in almost every flavor known to man but hands down the best flavor is maple if you want a real Vermont experience.
(Here I go again making myself hungry).
Anyway, I guess I'll close this post by saying I hope you'll take in commercials with a skeptical open minded and don't take everything for what they appear to be on television; for it's only a reflection of the world the big corporations want us to see. Thanks for reading.
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Eintrag from 22.08.2008
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