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Circa 1965
  Mr. Mendelssohn! Pat Greco! Louis Marshal! Tommy! All the names come flooding in from our past. The first time I heard Tommy was in sleep away camp somewhere up near Roscoe, New York. I remember being so impressed with the concept of a "rock opera". Those were my formative years when I decided to become a musician and it seemed like rock and classical music were going to influence each other forever. I saw my future as a classically influenced rock star starting then. Who knew that Disco would take over ... and then Rap! We became a lost generation caught between the experimental sixties and the disco generation. "Stayin alive, stayin alive". That is why so many years later I am still "trying to make it". Actually, its more like waiting for the world to travel to another stargate through which my music and ideas can flow.

I remember going back to P.S. 276 toward then end of high school. I walked around the building and hung out in that little playground with that one semi-ciricle monkey bar thing. Anyway, who should walk by but Mr. Mendelsohhn. Suddenly I looked at him not as my childhood music teacher, but as a man with a job in the music business. I said to myself, "Wow, he sure found himself a nice little niche!" And I kept repeating to myself, "Mr. Mendelsohhn, Mr. Mendelsohhn..."

I wonder now if he was related to Felix Mendelsohhn, the great composer. You never know. How many Mendelsohhns are there?
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 05.08.2008
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