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Memories & Mr. Ed
  I don't remember many details, but I do remember how I felt at times back in the JHS 68 days. Orchestra was my safe time each day. I loved the sound of the strings and the feel of the bow. I loved how so many very different people could produce one sound. And most importantly, every one was equal in music, because who really could judge- music is subjective.

You mentioned Neil K. and Pat. I do remember them. Pat Greco lived on my block and we were friendly back in the day. I listened to the whole Tommy album for the first time at her house.

On to Music Education. I think there was/is disfunction in public school music programs, however there are many excellent programs in some districts throughout NYS. NYC really didn't pay enough to attract the best talent, but just having the opportunity to be involved in music as a student was something I would have otherwise not been given. So, for me the music program was a success. It wasn't much but it was something.

I live out in Suffolk county and my kids all went through the music program starting in 2nd grade. Every child is in chorus and every child plays the recorder in Connetquot. More than half the student body stays in the music program in some way through high school. The teachers are artists as well and are chosen for orchestra/ band/ jazz band/ chorus etc, depending on their specialty. The only program that the school farmed out for was percussion. I know that other districts were not as comprehensive, and it truly is a loss for the kids. My oldest daughter, now 26, still plays her flute for enjoyment in her community. She never wanted to be a master musician, but she loved being part of a band. My youngest daughter played drums until the end of high school and now at 19 just listens (to some really strange music). The middle daughter sings with the radio.

It would be wonderful if all music programs could be comprehensive and if everyone agreed to fund them. So many people in our area complain about the music program when it comes time to vote for the school budget each year. Luckily there has always been enough people who see the value.

Just my thoughts.....Where can people go to see Von Cello play in public?

Also, thank you for the warm welcome.
  Author: Lori Kozlin
Eintrag from 04.08.2008
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