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Jazz Is Cool
  The gig was really amazing. It started out as a normal clubdate type of gig. We were playiing for a backyard wedding in the town of Katonah. Then the storm clouds started to roll in so they moved the whole wedding into the house. It was then that you could really hear the trio. Even so, we played really soft, the perfect volume for people to eat and drink and hear the music but not have it get in the way. After a while people started clapping after every song. The fact that they were actually listening made us play even better.

Then little by little the sax player started to call faster tunes and next thing you know we are playing Twist and Shout. I thought the couple would get angry since they asked for jazz but next thing you know everyone is up an dancing! We ended up doing a whole Motown set. The only thing that brought it to an end was that it was cake cutting time, and the musicians were fed the complete dinner. Yeah!

Then we went back into sweet jazz tunes like It Had to be You, My Funny Valentine, and even a jazzy version of Apple Blossom White into Never on a Sunday. The bride agreed to overtime so we did a 5th hour and they were so happy they paid us double!

You could say it was a success!
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 03.08.2008
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