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Catholic Rock!
  I played last night at an Italian festival in and around a Catholic church in Hoboken. Several blocks around the church were cut off to cars and became packed with vendors selling food and drink, carnival rides, and music venues. I played in the churchyard with a band called Rural Free Delivery. The band was cooking. We jammed on tunes from originals to the Beatles and the Dead. The audience, which included the whole range of nearby residents, were really into it. There was some fine examples of people dancing and letting their hair down!

One highlight for me was when Sinatra took the stage and sang two numbers during our break. Sinatra? - you incredulously ask. Yes, Johnny Sinatra!

*Johnny Sinatra is a guy in his eighties who dresses in a navy pin stripe suit with his grey hair slicked back, and shiny blue eyes that make him a dead ringer for some long lost brother of Frank Sinatra. They say he is a fixture of Hoboken, and known to all. His singing was passable but the audience went nuts!)
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 27.07.2008
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