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Back from Fishing!
  Well, I guess if someone in Vermont and someone in the Netherlands are checking in here, it is worth it to keep posting! Glad you guys are out there. It makes me wonder who else is watching. I ran some statistics on the site and was surprised to see that we still get thousands of hits each month. Sometimes over 10,000!

Actually I wasn't fishing this weekend. I was performing my Ten American Cello Etudes with the Staten Island Ballet. We did a children's show on Sat. and Sun. It was a lot of fun. I really enjoy being part of a ballet performance, especially since I played on stage and therefore got to interact with the dancers.

I am so impressed with people who can use their bodies to create works of art. It is so thrilling even to watch how they extend their hands and feet. The gracefulness is truly astonishing. And I am so grateful for how much the dancers appreciated my music. After the shows I felt almost like I was floating... and it was a totally natural high!

Von Cello is about trying new things, and I don't believe there ever was a ballet concert with a cellist playing his original music before! It is a hell of a lot different than going on stage with a rock band, but in some ways I like it better. First of all, what red blooded man would not like to be on stage with a group of pretty ballerinas dancing gracefully to his music? And in this context I was treated like a respected classical composer. So often in the rock "biz" you get treated like a rat that has to scurry off the stage for the next band. And the dressing room, if there is one, is often a pig sty. The club is often way too hot, and uncomfortable, and people are talking while you are playing. I must admit I liked the atmosphere of the concert hall. I had my own dressing room that was clean and comfortable. The stage was air conditioned and had great acoustics. And the audience sat in rapt attention throughout.

Hmmm... I'm not rejecting the rock lifestyle, but this sure was a welcome change of pace. Look for more Von Ballet in the future.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 21.07.2008
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