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Born Free... my uncle was a doctor
  Well... you could always take them to Mount Kisco for some Mexican or Guatamalan food. That town is not far from where we live and it has a large Central American population. There are nice parks, hikes, and scenic rides. You can see President Clinton's house, or some other "mansions". And you can watch the WASPs drive by in their Range Rovers. Good times!

I just drove past Canarsie yesterday. I had a morning gig at a golf club in Staten Island. Then we took the Belt Parkway (right past Rockaway Parkway) to Woodbury, Long Island where we played at a Temple. We married Christians in the morning and Jews in the afternoon. A good days work!

Believe it or not, a doctor recently insulted me for being "only" a cellist, whereas he "saves lives" all day. I was talking about this with my violinist yesterday. And you know, we save lives too! How many people are on the verge of despair, maybe even suicide, when a certain song gives them the hope they need. Who has a wedding with no music? On the most important day of a person's life do they call the doctor? NO! They call the musician! We comfort the sick and dying, we comfort the mourners. We bring people together in love.

And finally, as I said to my friend, "Who remembers who Beethoven's doctor was?"
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 14.07.2008
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