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Maybe the Jews are not so smart after all ...
  I dunno. Maybe one of our non-Jewish friends would like to comment, but I find that many Christian groups are just as tight as Jewish. I think Jews are maybe more up front about it but there are vast networks of non-Jews who are as tight as can be. Take for instance the Mafia. Or how about the royal families of Europe? You may not see it on the surface but they own hundreds of businesses together, they meet secretly to form joint policies, they have secret services that spy on non-royals, and even "take out" those they consider threats. They wage war and come to each other's defense. They will even allow catastrophes to fall upon their citizens if that will mobilize them to fight against whoever the ruling class wants to subdue. They are tighter than most Jews could even imagine, but you would never know it!
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 07.07.2008
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