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  when a jew is up for an important job like military leader in the usaf he is asked if being jewish will bend his decisions. He always responds " you didnt ask same question to the guy before me who was cristian or cayholic so why ask me?" Are you racist?

norman schwartz now head usaf and the first jew leader in usaf history...
responded that the question was infact a compliment cause it showed that nonjews see us as a close knit family while they see their own group as NOT close knit. He thanked the tribunal member for complimenting the jews

Its a good question as we are close knit as blacks are or irish or italian americans or gays.
He finished up saying hed appoint the best person not necesarily a jew to any all jobs. but he thanked the questioner for the question and said thanks for complimenting our community ..

i always saw that question being asked to THE JEW as racist but now i see it as based on THEM seeing us as tight knit.

america is made up of tight knit groups each moving up as a group but being person for the job be he she jew or not.all except the cristians an catholics
they infact arent tight knit ...
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 07.07.2008
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