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Rabbi Lederman Stikes a Serious Note
  Happy Independence Day everyone!

This from the rabbi's lastest newsletter:

"Listen now, O Rebels..." (Num 20:10) Moshe was punished for referring to the Children of Israel as Rebels. Even though they were rebelling at the time, they should not have been perceived as rebels. The Torah expects us to love each other, see the good in each other and perceive each other as good."

This brings up an interesting point that many Christians miss. Anywhere in the Bible where anyone insults the Jewish people they are punished. In this story the greatest Jewish prophet, Moses, just calls the Jews "rebels", and even though they were rebelling at he time, he is still punished. Many Christian preachers talk about how the Jews, or the "Pharisees" as they call them, were rebels or worse. They say they were short sighted, money lenders, power hungry, inconsiderate, even stupid and evil. But if you study the Torah carefully, one who calls the Jews names like that is going to be punished.

It always bothered me how the Jews get penalized by some non-Jews for the fact that they were honest about their history. Most groups try to portray themselves in the best light, but the Jews have as their central book a Bible that talks about their many flaws as well. But this is not an excuse for non-Jews to jump on these portrayals and say, "You see, this is why they were rejected by God", etc. Just because a parent disapproves of a child's actions, that does not mean they are going to stand idly by and let others insult or hurt their child.

Anyway, that's enough religion for a holiday day. Let's go outside and blow things up!

  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 04.07.2008
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