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Jokes, more goals and drinking.....
  Hmmm....that's a good joke, but I'd substitute the complete works of Kenny G for Andrew Loyd Webber. If I was forced to listen to all the albums of that whiny sax player I'd take the gun from my executioner and do the deed myself.

In any case, before I die I would also like to have learned Italian and a bit of gaelic, trvel to Italy, Ireland, England, Spain, france, Australia, Sweden, and the Holy Land (if it's ever safe to do so in my lifetime). i had on my list to drink scotch and I a bottle of "The Glenlivet" 12-year old Single malt for my 25th birthday from my Dad. (He told me he has a scotch-drinking friend who helped him pick it out). It was ok...not something I would drink every weekend...but I prefer rum, or wine, or Irish whiskey. If I have beer it's either Labatt Blue Canadian lager or VT Long trail Blackbeary Wheat.

I also want to swim with dolphins, play percusion and other instruments with a Celtic band, try my hand at stand-up comedy, and meet the
Pope, among other things. Phew!

But you know, if I died tommorrow I think I would be generally satisfied with all that I've accomplished with my 26 years here on this planet. Most but not all of my high school and college classmates are all married now and have more-developed careers than me, but I am satisfied with my life at this moment. God has given me tremendous gifts and I feel I've used them wisely.
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Eintrag from 23.06.2008
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