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Thinking, not thinking, park benches and sitars
  Von Cello wrote (from an old song of his):

"I've sat in city parks and watched the day slowly receed.
Love, truth, and doing right is all you need".

That's a great verse, Aaron. I can relate to it cause most of the time I'm out and about by myself....(I have friends but I'm not constantly going out with them every weekend).

But I find that since I'm alone most of the time I have plenty of time to think my own thoughts and process what the world means to me....just yesterday evening I was sitting on a bench on campus waiting to go on the air with my fellow DJ on "Krunch Time". I don't remember what I was thinking about- I guess I was just thinking about nothing and just enjoying the evening breeze - it's been in the 60's and 70's and not humid in the least here this week; BEAUTIFUL weather in my book! Thinking is good, but sometimes not thinking and enjoying God's creation is even better.

Of course when I DO think, I think how lucky and fortunate I am to have had the chance to go to and graducate from High school and college, and now, to have had the chance to participate weekly in creative interests. Recently, I even got to do something I wanted ot do before I die: a group I interviewed on my show let me play their was an incredible experience just strumming the thing for a few minutes, but from those few minutes I could see why a professional sitar player has to take years to learn his or her instrument.
Let me start a new sentence here and explain if I may: you have to look at the BACK of the neck while playing, and while in a cross-legged postion on the floor. As if that were'nt enough, there are smaller strings under the main strings that you are sometimes called to play to add effects. Phew! Sitars are beautiful, and their sound is hypnotic, but I don't know If I'd have the stamina to spend a lifetime mastering such an instrument.
Anyway, one of my goals before I die was simply to strum a sitar and I did that thanks to a Celtic fusion duo. Check them out at
(And "Krunch Time" with The Hurricane and DJ Seamus can be heard WED. 8-10pm E.S.T on
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Eintrag from 19.06.2008
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