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  Jerry moved to Florida when we were teenagers. I don't know what he did down there. The family moved because the father, Moe, worked for a coleslaw making company and they moved the business to Florida. Jerry was the oldest of three. One died several years after they moved. I believe I met Jerry once down there when I was on vacation and I remember him having a southern accent but that's all I can remember.

Jonathan's last name was Landis. We were good friends in elementary school. When we were in high school he became distant. I once went to his house for a City As School party. I remember that the kids were really into the group "Yes". That was quite a contrast as most of the Canarsie folks were Dead Heads. I think the difference in musical taste spoke volumes about the different mentalities. We can discuss this if anyone is interested.

  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 17.06.2008
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