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Humming through the Cenutries
  Von Cello wrote (summarizing an audience member's thoughts from the recent New Directions Cello Festival):
"It is music for the centuries". for the centuries. I like the sound of that and would have to agree. (I have not yet have the pleasure of hearing your Ten International Cello Encores, but I have no doubt that they are in fact enlighteningm pioneering peices of music with interesting melodies).

On the subject of melodies, I was talking with my mother yesterday and the subject of music came up. I stated that you just don't hear any interesting melodies on the radio anymore....melodies you could hum easily if there were no lyrics to them. I can't remeber what she said in responce to that, but I thought it would be something for the guestbook here.
I like a song I can sing along to; lyrics are great if they reach beyong boy/girl love and dating situatiions (phish songs being an example of a group singing non-love lyrics). So lyrics are good, but sometimes I just love to hum...and for that I need a group or artist to give me a good, simple, yet expressive melody line. Now it's going to be hard for me to give examples here on the guestbook since it is a visual medium, but recent songs I've heard with melodies I love include the following:

"Still Alive" by singer-songwriter Johnathan Coulton. I believe he's based out of Connecticut. The original song is about a mad scientist and was featured in the soundtrack to a popular video game. Recent parodies of the song have been made of the song on Just google this and you might get to hear the song. The melody line is simple, yet expressive as I said before. Those parodies are "Still Annoyed" by Rob Balder, and "Still a Nerd" by Tom Smith, two comedy artists I think are worth checking out.

"Bouree" by Jethro Tull. Of course, this was originally written by Bach, but Anderson's flute elevates it to the next level. I can't accurately hum this tune all, but again, it's simple and expressive.

"MMMM MMMM MMMM" by 90's rock group the Crash Test Dummies (and parodied by Wierd Al).
Google this one too, it's worth a listen just for the music behind those lyrics. And how about that title, eh?

Of course the Beatles, Zappa, and now Minsky, have some hummable tunes as well....I think the most hummable (AKA memorable) songs of our time have been from artists who have a real ear for music, and thus can create melodies that almost twist, turn, flow up and down and turn inside out..I mean, music with "shape" to it..."wriggling air molecules" as Zappa described the output of the work of a composer.
As Zappa also said " is the best".

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Eintrag from 09.06.2008
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