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  Not many people named Harvey anymore. Did you know Harvey Kayro? He was one of the Canarsie icons of our youth. I remember Harvey Korman. He was a great straight man on the Carol Burnett show. I never put it together that he had the same last name as our friend Neil. I wonder if they were a distant relation.

Funny thing... I just took the trip I took with you with my wife. We went to visit Neil this past weekend but stopped off first in Warwick. We had a slice at that same pizza shop. Then we saw Neil and his wife and two sons. We got dinner at a nice new restaurant that is on a lake near his house. There is a whole strip of restaurants there now. I guess the business folks figure they will get the overflow from the new music complex on the site of Woodstock.

Yes, the icons of our childhood are slowly receeding into history. Makes you realize that we are getting there too. I went to a memorial of a friend from Manhattan this week. A guy in his late 50's. Died of a heart attack. Someone brought a picture of him as a young teen standing with some friends at the original Woodstock Festival smoking a "peace pipe". Our generation did it's dance, made some noise, and now are slowly fading away.

The Dead used to sing "Not Fade Away", but fade away we must. Even many of the Dead are dead. But I wonder if they are still Grateful.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 30.05.2008
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