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  Back and missed some interesting stuff, I see. (Was on dial up for a week, then off line for 2 weeks - but immerged (immersed?) in music). I will never catch up this way, but I will try!

Just read the current page, and, Canarsie, you totally surprised me! But I couldnot agree more. And I couldnot have summed it up better, either. It is soooo hard to rid people forever of false beliefs about Jews and misinterpretations of Israeli actions and outright lies about Israel's history. That's why I said somewhere: our war is one of words. Fight to make the truth known. I donot know why lies fall in such fertile soil, maybe that's how Aaron says - often, antisemitism is spoonfed from early age on.
  Author: LN_Cello
Eintrag from 22.05.2008
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