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  This is an interesting subject. What is anti-Semitism. Here you tell me that you know people who think the Jews control the banks, have a lobby that controls America, kill Arabs, are crooks, and only care about money... yet they are not anti-Semitic! So what do you have to do to be anti-Semitic? Kill Jews? Wear a sign on your head that says, "I am an anti-Semite"?

You may be right, that it's just ignorance, but where is that ignorance coming from? Where did they hear that Jews control the banks, or that the Israeli lobby is all powerful, or that Jews are crooks and only care about money? Someone told them these things. Was it their parents, their teachers, their preachers? Certainly these are anti-Semitic notions. So while you may be able to excuse the individual as ignorant (although it is hard to be so ignorant in today's world) the fact that they even have these ideas in their heads shows that they are products of anti-Semitism.

Will we ever see the day when the word Jew will bring to mind a people that is moral, upright, socially conscious, concerned about the world, seeking peace and love and a bright future for all humanity?
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 22.05.2008
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