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  in murcia many caths like talkin about faith.
many dont like it when
they say jews control banks and i say cathlics control 26 countris all over the world land food producyion
they say jews have a lobby in wash and i say the church is realy an even bigger lobby than aipac and worse
they say israels kill arabs and i say israelis defend and the conquistados killed millions in s america implanted their span lang and catholic religion
they say we only think of money and ask them about what they do wen im swimming running playing tennis or 2 months in usa and thay say they are working
they tell me jews crooks cheaters and ask them whos in the spanish jails and they tell me spanish crooks.

every jew must be taught young how to articulately answer theses Qs. the answer must be quik on the money and devestate the other. no jew should be humiliated or lose the argument in a bar or dorm not cause jews are bad but cause the answer wasnt well said.

parents need to think the Qs the As and the posbility that even a good answer will be that case don say thats your opinion but say your opinion is in need of updating or i think i can help you with your misunderstanding ...dont let them walk away thinkn theyv won NEVER
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 21.05.2008
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