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Cool Winds of Spring
  Today I played for a wedding out in Long Island on the water at a place called Water's Edge. It was a beautiful sunny day and we were playing out on a large deck with a view of the Sound. Suddenly the wind started blowing cold air off the water and it became like a cold windy fall day. I was wearing a tuxedo, yet I was freezing and having a hard time playing. Then I noticed that several young women were wearing sleeveless dresses. Some were mini dresses. And yet none of them were complaining or showing any signs of being cold! Isn't it amazing how strong women can be when wanting to look good! (Yet if you were alone in a room with them they would probably be asking you to turn on the heat.)

What does this have to do with Judaism you ask?

On the way home I was talking to one of the musicians and I brought up how the minister quoted Jesus when he said you should "love your enemy". I told her how that sounds very nice but is not followed by almost anyone. I pointed out how some enemies are deadly and that really loving them could lead to getting killed by them. Not that you should hate anyone, and not that you should not hope for their repentance, but to actually love someone who wants to kill you and destroy your way of life is almost impossible to do. I even pointed out how in the New Testament when Jesus asked a fig tree to produce food and it didn't he cursed it. I said, "That's not loving your enemy. He should have said, 'That's okay tree, I love you anyway', but instead he cursed it!" So she said, "That's because he was a JEW!"

  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 17.05.2008
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