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Over Hill, over dale...
  It is interesting how the different songs and melodies of the armed forces reflect the spirit of each group.

The army sings, "Over hill, over dale, we will hit the dusty trail..." And indeed, that is what the army does. They hike, they hit the trail. And the melody goes up and down like a mountain trail.

The Marines have a proud anthem, "From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli, we will fight our country's battles on the land and on the sea."

The Navy has a song that sounds like an old sea chanty, "Anchor away my boys, anchors away!" The music has that big ship on the waves feel.

The air force goes skyward with, "Off we go into the wide blue yonder. Flying high into the sky." The melody also goes climbing up note by note into the sky.

Most Americans know these songs. But how many people have ever stopped and thought about who wrote them? Did they have a contest? Did they hire a tin pan alley composer, or were they written by men in the force? Who decided that this song would be it? Did they try them out with soldiers, or was it a general who decided? Or was it the commander of the band? Interesting topic, isn't it?
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 14.05.2008
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