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  Exactly. The critics of Israel generally want Israel to allow itself to be attacked and even risk its destruction or else they are not happy. I heard Jimmy Carter interviewed the other day on one of the cable shows. He said no one wants peace for Israel more than him, and that he has spent his life trying to bring peace to Israel. I was rather surprised to hear him say that. Then, thankfully, the interviewer asked him a few more questions and Jimmy said that he felt that Israel had to allow the "right of return" for hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. Only then, he said, would there be peace! But, of course, anyone who really understands the situation knows that bringing hundreds of thousands of Arabs into Israel would make it a much more violent and dangerous place for Jews and would be a step in the direction of Israel's ultimate destruction. So basically Jimmy Carter is saying that if Jews in Israel want peace they have to be willing to be killed and to risk having their country destroyed. That is so cynical and manipulative that it gets me sick.

I guess after the Holocaust the anti-Semites can't call directly for the death of Jews, so they call for scenarios that would lead to the same thing and then accuse the Jews of not wanting peace if they refuse to lay down and die. If there is a hell, Jimmy Carter has a special place waiting for him. (Not that the current leadership is much better. After all, Bush was the first President to actually call for a Palestinian state, and many fear he is pressuring Israel to divide Jerusalem, which is like asking someone to slice his mother in half. And for what reason? Did the Arabs EVER have a capitol there? It's just another way to undermine Israel and try to make the Jews look bad if they don't commit national suicide.)
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 12.05.2008
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