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Do as I say, not as I do.
  Good point, and an interesting perspective. I think you are right, that Jews are very quick to defend against any negative comments about Israel because many people hold Israel to an unrealistic standard, a standard that they do not hold their own country to, or hold ANY other country to. Therefore, even if some of what they say is true, many Jews feel that they have to defend against it because it is not really true in light of the different standards being applied.

For instance, let's say two kids are having a fight in the street. If one punches the other you would normally say that that kid was wrong. But if the second kid is holding a knife, then you might excuse the first one from punching, because he has to try to disarm the other one or he will get stabbed. So, for instance, in 1967 when Egypt and Jordan were amassing armies on the borders of Israel, and the leaders of those countries were boasting about "throwing the Jews into the sea", Israel attacked first!

Now, many people to this day say that Israel was wrong in doing a "pre-emptive" attack. They say that goes against "international law", and that it sets a bad precedent, etc. But to most Jews, this argument is sick. What was the tiny country of Israel supposed to do? Wait to be attacked first and risk losing the war? Should they have respected "international law" and allowed themselves to be "thrown into the sea"?

Could you imagine the U.S., or any country, allowing its border nations to send armies to its borders, while the leaders boasted about destroying America and wiping it off the face of the earth, and just waiting like a sitting duck to be attacked? No country would give a damn about any kind of law, if it meant that it could be destroyed! So that is the double standard. Obviously then, most Jews, and many non-Jews, defend Israel's actions in 1967 as inevitable.

What I find is that many of the enemies of Israel, including Jimmy Carter, create these imaginary "peace" scenarios, where Israel essentially has to commit national suicide as the price for "peace". It's not going to happen. They know its not going to happen. So really, what they are doing is using the word "peace" as a weapon. That to me is about the lowest thing a person can do.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 11.05.2008
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