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imagine going to a party and everyone enters with guns drawn and aimed at you cause youre a jew.You dont know why but its like this.has been for centuries. Your slightest unintentional error will result in your death.they hold you to a different standard. Others can error but not you.You can insist on being held to the same just standard that they hold themselves to but they dont listen.You dont know why!has been like this for centuries
If accused of a mistake,you have to say the accuser is wrong on facts or antisemitic , biases on the facts.
Even if you are mistaken you must swat away any doubt and insist on being right because they stupidly hold you to an unfair standard but nevertheless they dont see it.
If you allow any neg criticism from a jew or non jew you are dead. the solution is ..hold israel to the SAME standard that you hold every other country to..but if the world insists on holding israel to a standard thats unfair different, a guilty till proved innocent standard, that they dont even hold themselves to,then israel is forced to defend against any and all neg criticism from anybody..jew or nonjew.

jews have zero tolerance not on negative criticism but zero tolerance on dieing due to being held to unfair standards.
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 11.05.2008
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