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Musician of the Century
  I kept thinking if there was another musician who would have been a better choice for musician of the century. Hendrix was a great guitarist, Parker was a great saxophonist, Heifitz was a great violinist, but Casals had more influence politically. His opposition to the dictator of Spain was open and vocal. And his boycott of most of the world was legendary. Did any of these other musicians have such impact and take such risk?

But then one musician stuck out in my head who could rival Casals. Do you know who? John Lennon! We forget about the influence he had, and also the risks that he took. In fact, many people believe he was assassinated (like JFK and MLK). So maybe he should be the musician of the century.

It could be argued that he was nowhere near the instrumentalist that Casals was. Surely he could not play a Bach sonata or a Beethoven concerto. But then again, Casals could not compose a melody with anywhere near the grace and beauty of some of John's.

What do you think? Who would you nominate as the "Musician of the Century" for the last century?
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 29.04.2008
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