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Land of Mystery
  Yes, Israel does lend itself to weird "spiritual" experiences. I remember that just before I left for Israel I was looking out at Manhattan from the roof top of my apartment building. From there I could see three big landmarks. One was Riverside Church, another was Grant's Tomb (former president) which has a pyramid on top of it, and JTS the Jewish Theological Seminary (home of Conservative Judaism). I looked out at these three landmarks and it struck me that they represented the three great monotheistic religions. (The pyramid represented Islam to me.) I prayed and said to God that I hoped during my trip to Israel I would finally get some kind of sign that would tell me once and for all which of these three religions was the truth.

Now I will tell you something totally honest... No sooner did that thought cross my mind then a large seagull came flying directly at me. It came right from the lighthouse on top of JTS and flew so directly at me that I was about to duck when it suddenly shot upwards above me!

At the time I was certain that this was a sign from God telling me that Judaism was the truth!

Nowadays, I am less likely to believe in any kind of "spiritual" experience, because everything we experience can be taken many ways. But I bet there is not a "born again" Christian out there who had a stronger "sign" from God than did I on that night!

I think that no one really knows "the truth" but we are all compelled to subscribe to one type of belief or another because of a whole line of experiences. It may even be in our DNA. But this was just one of several "weird" experiences that happened before, during, and after my trip to the "Holy Land".
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 24.04.2008
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