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kibbitzing on the Kibbutz
  Whaaaaat? I didn't realize you had spent time in Israel on a Kibbutz. (Maybe you mentioned it before, but it sounds new to me.) Steve, who posts here, also spent time on one. How long where you there? I went to a kibbutz once for one day. My friend, who was a Jew for Jesus and tried to convert me when we were kids, was staying for the summer in a kibbutz. It just so happened that I ended up going to Israel that summer. He said he was going to be in a kibbutz near Eilat. I didn't even know the name of it. But when I was in Eilat for a few days, I took a bus to the nearest kibbutz on the chance that it might be the one.

When I got there, there was no one around. I walked through what was like a ghost town. There was one door open to ones building. I stuck my head in and saw someone with his face buried in his hands, throwing water on his face in the sink. I said, "Excuse me." He turned around startled, not expecting anyone to be around. And then his look changed to even more startled as he was my friend!
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 24.04.2008
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