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Talking about Space!
  What a nice thing to talk about... space. Not outer space, or inner space for that matter. Just space. The thing that exists silently between other things.

On Celtar we have one song that has 12 seconds of space before it! It just feels right to me.

A friend had a band named 4:20. I think that was it. They came up with the name because, apparently that is the time when many people get home and start smoking pot. Pretty weird, I know. But anyway, that was the name of the band and on their CD they left 4 minutes and 20 seconds before the last song!

It must have been pretty amazing for some of the stoners who completely forgot that the CD had ended, only to suddenly hear the music appear as if out of nowhere minutes later! But I wonder how many realized that it was exactly 4:20.

Now that's what I call space!
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 22.04.2008
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