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Strange Seder
  Well, my family all assembled for the Passover Seder. We had the matzoh, we had the wine, we had the chorosos, we had the bitter herbs, we had the lamb shank, we had the roasted egg...but no one remembered to bring a Haggadah!!

What to do?

So we all tried to reconstruct the seder from our collective memory. We hit the high points...the explanation of the matzoh, the plagues, the four questions, the four sons, and a chorus of Diainu.

Sure a lot was left out, but there was one amazing thing that happened. For the first time ever no one complained, no one made jokes, no one said, "Enough already, let's eat". Everyone actually got involved in remembering.

There is a lesson in there somewhere...but I haven't yet figured it out.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 20.04.2008
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