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Outside the Box
  I have sometimes said, "Wouldn't it be great if just once everyone agreed to not celebrate Christmas?" No lights, no trees, no sales, no commercials, no "Ring ding ding aling". No "parumpapumpum". No "Little Town of Bethlehem". NOTHING! Just let the winter come in nice and quietly. Let the leaves fall off the trees. Let the snows begin. No "White Christmas". No Santa, no elves, no toys, no traffic...just peace on earth...real peace...quiet...solitude...meditation...

I know, people are probably thinking I am crazy to even suggest such a thing. But I know what I am talking about. There were a few years there when I didn't celebrate Chanukah. So if I can do it, so can Christians. Anyway, what would be the great harm in it? Will God cry? I don't think so. Will He throw all the Christians into hell? Nah. So why not give it a try?

People tend to get into these little boxes. Usually they are put in a box by their parents and that is where they stay. Sometimes they leave their box and climb into another box. Even atheists have a box. It's called the "I don't believe in any of this crap" box. But it is a box too!

Von Cello is about free thinking. Can you play a cello with a guitar pick? Why not? It happens to sound really cool. Just open your mind.

That is not to say that one should leave his faith. All I'm saying is one should consider alternatives. How do you know what you are doing is really right unless you try something else. Without a comparison one runs the risk of being brainwashed into a certain limited way of thinking. I think most people want limits. They don't want to think for themselves. They don't want to think, period. Maybe that is a good thing. But to those who choose to think, I say, be proud of your mind. It is the second most important organ in your body!

  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 17.04.2008
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