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Bottom o' the endpin to ye!
  Von Cello wrote:
"Many famous cellists performed tonight including Bernard Greenhouse, Timothy Eddy, Evangeline Benedetti, Jeffrey Solow, and Paul Tobias. There was also a time when people told stories about Esther. They said she was at her happiest with a drink in her hand, what she called an "attitude adjuster".

Hmmm...I should know of these people, but sadly I don't. The cello is such a beautiful's unfortunate that there have not been recognizable cellists except for Yo-Yo Ma and now, Aaron Minsky. I think it's great that the NY Cello Society exists. Keep up the good work!

So let us:

Drink to the cello,
and drink to the celtar.
Let's drink for all cello players
who live near and live far.

Let's drink for all composers,
for those from whom great works have been thunk,
And the people who don't recognize greatness,
Well, they must all be punch drunk!

(Boy, your drinking song has become quite a fun addition to the guestbook here. Maybe we could trade a few new verses when you come back on my show to promote the "Celtar" album).
  Author: eaburke81
Eintrag from 09.04.2008
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