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Green beer, dead Moses and tapes from the past....
  Charelton Heston bit the big one? Didn't he once say he'd give up his guns "over his cold dead hands"? How ironic.......Heston was of course a big National Rifle Association supporter.

And I am proud of my state's green....which is quite green. I have never been to Ireland or England so I guess I just assumed they were more green then Vermont was out of the fact that I dream of visiting those countries....Ireland is (one of my many) my ancestral homelands and so I guess I have a bit of "hero worship' for it.

Great job with your Celtar tape, and your rendition of Fiddler's Green. I also enjoyed your "Drinking Song". Here's my own verse:

Drink for the smiles
and drink for the frowns,
drink heartedly for the clown,
who has soiled his evening gown.

I used to have a tape recorder but I must have missplaced it while moving after college. you have inspired me to record myself with my own songs, philosophies and what have you....what a great way for people to remember you when you pass from this world.
  Author: eaburke81 Email eaburke81
Eintrag from 06.04.2008
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