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A Light to the Nations
  I was listening to Israel National Radio this week and one host said that some rabbis are now saying that it is time for Jews to come forward as advocates for the Torah view on how Gentiles should worship. For centuries Jews have been afraid to speak out to the Gentile world. After all, not that long ago a Jew who did this would likely be tried for blasphemy and killed. So Jews have learned to keep their ideas to themselves. But some rabbis are now saying that because of innovations such as the internet, and the fact that the Jews have a country from which they can speak about Judaism without fear from state sponsored persecution, the green light has been given to "spread the gospel" of Judaism. Judaism is not a religion that seeks converts, but there is a plan for Gentiles in the Jewish Bible that has been all but ignored over the centuries.

I tend to agree with this analysis. As I have been in music, I tend to be a bit ahead of the curve. But I see nothing wrong, and much right, with Jews telling Gentiles what we believe God wants from them. They have a right to reject our beliefs, just as we have a right to reject theirs. But why should people not speak out and try to educate each other in this day and age?
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 06.04.2008
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