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God or god?
  From a Jewish perspective there is only one God, so if Muslims are worshipping the "moon god" then they are wasting their efforts. But you have to realize that from a Jewish perspective the same is true of those who worship the "sun god", or should I say the "son god".

From a Jewish perspective, if you are not worshipping God directly, but using intermediaries, it is the same as worshipping false gods. In the Ten Commandments it says, "I am the Lord thy God ... You shall have no other gods." It is so simple, yet virtually all non-Jews went on to create their own types of deities that were different than the pure monotheistic vision of the one God of the Jewish Bible.

Jews and Christians do share a lot of values, but they also do not share some values. I know a lot of people talk about "Judeo-Christian" values, ideas, etc. But usually those who speak this way are Christians. Christians like to think of themselves as passing on the best of Judaism, but to many Jews they see them as contradicting the best of Judaism. So, unfortunately, there are tensions that go on generation after generation.

From a Jewish perspective I find it odd that people from one tradition that misinterpreted the Jewish ideas about God should get angry at another group of people that misinterpret the Jewish ideas about God. Both groups are misinterpreting Jewish scripture. One group says if the Jews don't believe in their idea of God they will go to hell, the other group says if the Jews don't believe in their idea of God they will go to hell. Hard to get too excited about which of these groups has a better take on who God really is and what He wants.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 05.04.2008
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