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Green with envy
  For a Vermonter to say that Vermont is not that green is like a person from Iceland saying it is not that white up there. Vermont in French is Ver Mounts: Green Mountains, and IMHO they are quite green. There are very few non green trees. The fields are full of grass. And there aren't many rocks. As you go east into the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the craggy old forests of Maine you get more birch trees and more and more rocks. Even the license plate for Vermont is green!

I have been to England and believe me, it wasn't any more green than Vermont. I would say it was less from what I saw. I don't know about Ireland, but I bet it's similar to Vermont. It is indeed a fact that when you look at grass at a distance it seems greener than the grass around your feet. That is why they say the grass is greener on the other side. I'll put Vermont's blades side by side with England or Ireland's anytime!

It's weird how Europe stays so much warmer with the Gulf Stream. Just imagine...a current out at sea can make such a difference. And imagine the havoc that will happen eventually, because a stream of current will inevitably move around. The world is a funny place ... the way it is always changing. Even the very land keeps moving. Not to mention the objects in space that will eventually collide with us. It is as if it was all designed to be temporary.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 04.04.2008
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