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  eburke wrote: Vermont doesn't even come close to green. Of course we are the "Green Mountain State" but I've seen photos from and TV shows shot in Ireland and England and holy moly - they've got more green then they know what to do with!

To that I say, "The grass is always greener on the other side!"

I can't believe you know "Fiddler's Green"! I actually have an audio clip of it on this site. If you go here:

click on the link for Celtar side 1. The last song is "Fiddler's Green". Here is the text from the page:

This side of the tape ends with a song that Aaron heard one morning on the radio from, Barnacle Barney and the Ex Seaman's Institute. This type of whaling song would later influence Aaron, just as he was influenced by almost every other sound that came his way. Aaron was impressed by the way the song speaks of death in a unique way: "Tell me old shipmates, I'm taking a trip mates, and I'll see you someday on fiddler's green".

Then on Celtar side 2 there is a cut of a song that I wrote from inspiration from this song. Here is the text about that:

Song 1 - "Whaling We Go!", is a whaling song, influenced by Barnacle Barney's song. Like that other song, this song seems to be a song about going to sea in ships to chase the great whites, but it is really a metaphor for life. Actually it is another song about the death of Aaron's grandfather. As the words say, "When the sun rises we hoist the sails up. When the sun sets we do fill up a cup. And then we drink to the ones that we love, far, far away". The ending is problematic, so Aaron, in a voice sounding like a wacky classical DJ, explains the difference between the two potential endings. As time went on, however, he came up with a new, more appropriate ending. This song stands as another song that Aaron wrote from the pure joy of composing without any concern for the commercial aspect of the music. Rather than putting his creativity into a tiny box that could be sold for mass consumption, he was searching for his own voice in the history of music.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 04.04.2008
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